Gas Station Price Display

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seat: Zhejiang
Validity to: Long-term effective
Last update: 2019-10-31 23:48
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Lighting color: Red/green/blue/white/red

Panel format: 8.88, 8.888, 88.88, 888.8, 8.889/10, 18.888, 88,888

Application: Gas station outdoor price display.

Waterproof class: IP 67

Parameter (Widely Used Size )


TT15 - 8.888

TT20 -8.888

TT25- 8.888

TT30- 8.888

TT38- 8.888


Φ5mm Oval LED

Digit height

6 inch (150 mm)

8 inch (200 mm)

10 inch (250 mm)

12 inch (300 mm)

15 inch (380 mm)

Display panel size

W 550mm x H 204mm

W 650mm x H 254mm

W 905mm x H 315mm

W 920mm x H 354mm

W 1113mm x H 480mm

Remote control distance


Weight for one price panel




5.5 KG

8.5 KG

Power consumption






Work voltage


Power cable length


Input voltage


LED advertising is the use of LEDs to create advertising words or pictures. For example, the LED-Light-Emitting-Diode (Light-Emitting-Diode), which we usually see on the street, is a semiconductor that converts electrical energy into visible light, which changes the material of incandescent tungsten. Or some roadsides have bright advertising characters and signs with colored lights. The LED display (LED panel) is a display screen for displaying text and images by controlling the display mode of the semiconductor light emitting diode. The LED display mainly includes a graphic display and a full color display.

The history of LED technology was not long before, the earliest red LEDs were produced in 1969, and the low-efficiency LEDs of the 1970s began to be used for indicator lights, numbers and text displays. Since the 1990s, LED full-color display has become a new type of information display media that has developed rapidly in the world. It uses a dot matrix module composed of light-emitting diodes or a large-area display screen composed of pixel units, combining microelectronics, optics, letter processing, etc. Many modern high-tech has become the best carrier for outdoor advertising commercial advertising.

The LED display has developed rapidly in China. By 2006, the sales of China's display market reached 401.5 billion yuan, of which the sales of full-color screens in outdoor advertising and sports venues reached 121.7 billion yuan, accounting for 74.13% of the full-color display market. In the next five years, driven by the Olympic Games, the World Expo and the Asian Games, China's LED display, especially the full-color display, will continue to maintain a rapid development momentum. From 2006 to 2010, the average annual compound growth rate of China's LED full-color display market demand will reach 2212%.

The LED full color screen has excellent visual expression, and it forms a complementary situation with the LCD display in the field of advertising media. LCD is what we usually call LCD screen. Compared with LED, it has high resolution and fine picture, but LCD display is also not suitable for outdoor advertising because of its low brightness and small screen size. It is generally used in building advertising. , small subway advertising and other channels of communication. The LCD display area usually does not exceed 1 square meter, and the LED display production area can range from 1 square meter to several thousand square meters, which is especially suitable for large-area video advertising. The city of London has just launched a super-large LED full-color screen. It is 132 meters long and 24 meters wide. It has a large area and the image spreads several miles. The minimum resolution of LEDs for commercial use has reached 3 mm / pixel, as long as the screen is 2 meters away from the screen, it can be applied to indoor space without affecting the viewing effect. What's even more surprising is that the LED display is not limited to the straight shape, it can be made into a special screen according to space requirements. The LED shaped screen mainly includes a curved screen, a wave screen, a spherical screen and the like. At the Shanghai Auto Show that ended in April 2007, the Shanghai Volkswagen booth used the LED screen block to create a realistic and realistic virtual scene, and was named the best booth at the Shanghai Auto Show.

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